customize any product

training e-seminar / short course
client: SAE International
overview: multi-camera class room seminar is designed for extended training on cd. this product features a "swap video" function allowing users to view onsite demonstrations at full view when instructor highlights parts draws on white boards. other features include the slide preview, expanding indexation of contents, and author biography.
delivery: cdrom with online demos.

captured conference cd rom
client: optical electronics magazine
overview: multi-camera conference shoot mixed and assembled with additional marketing features such sponsorship pages, links to upcoming resources and events, introductory remarks, resources such as pdf's and other spreadsheets, docs or presentations. features a full zoom function for easy view of content on desktop computers.
delivery: CDROM with online demos

training & certification
client: ohio society of cpa's
overview: multi-camera classroom training course is intended for online delivery where access to audience is critical. best suited for 4 hours or less this module has a indexed table of contents and a video window that can be moved and resized to a comfortable setting for the user.
delivery: online or cdrom

forward marketing on-demand
client: keithley instruments
overview: audio-based web seminars allows the client to set up events for online seminars to combine training and marketing for a wow impact. this sytem is designed to allow instructors and students interactive dialogue through a real time q&a forum. this model supports multiple language broadcasting and can generate poll questions throughout the program for valuable audience feedback.
delivery: online

audio on-demand
client: aircraft electronics association
overview: audio-based certification program intended for delivering to varied internet audience or on cd. features the dynamic slide preview menu, high quality mp3 audio and indexation of content. audio presentations can be assembled offsite with our easy-to-use voice recording unit.
delivery: online or cd

creative presentations / featured speakers
client: case western reserve univ. university hospital health system
overview: video base presentation inteneded to honor veteran doctor and preserve a piece of the department of pathology's history. this creative cd not only showcases the image-base presentation, but allows users to download pdf's, size window elements to suite their needs and features image captions.
delivery: cd